What should be in package JSON?

A package. json file must contain “name” and “version” fields. The “name” field contains your package’s name, and must be lowercase and one word, and may contain hyphens and underscores. The “version” field must be in the form x.x.x and follow the semantic versioning guidelines.

What is the in package json?

2011-08-26. All npm packages contain a file, usually in the project root, called package. json – this file holds various metadata relevant to the project. This file is used to give information to npm that allows it to identify the project as well as handle the project’s dependencies.

What is the main property in package json?

The main property

json is a direction to the entry point to the module that the package. json is describing. In a Node. js application, when the module is called via a require statement, the module’s exports from the file named in the main property will be what’s returned to the Node.

Do you need Main in package json?

You only need a main parameter in your package. json if the entry point to your package differs from index. js in its root folder. For example, people often put the entry point to lib/index.


Should npm be in package json?

2 Answers. npm or other package managers are meant to be installed globally. No, you don’t need to have NPM as the dependency in package. json file.

Should I push package lock json?

Yes, you SHOULD: commit the package-lock. json . use npm ci instead of npm install when building your applications both on your CI and your local development machine.

What are scripts in package json?

An npm script is a convenient way to bundle common shell commands for your project. They are typically commands, or a string of commands, which would normally be entered at the command line in order to do something with your application.

What is tilde in package json?

npm allows installing newer version of a package than the one specified. Using tilde ( ~ ) gives you bug fix releases and caret ( ^ ) gives you backwards-compatible new functionality as well. The problem is old versions usually don’t receive bug fixes that much, so npm uses caret ( ^ ) as the default for –save .

Which is better yarn or npm?

As you can see above, Yarn clearly trumped npm in performance speed. During the installation process, Yarn installs multiple packages at once as contrasted to npm that installs each one at a time. … While npm also supports the cache functionality, it seems Yarn’s is far much better.

What is engines in package json?

In the package.json there’s an optional node that you can set called engines . From the documentation we can read about what this is for: You can specify the version of node that your stuff works on. Love the informal tone of that documentation.

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What does npm pack do?

npm pack. The pack command creates a . tgz file exactly the way it would if you were going to publish the package to npm. … npm install can do a lot more than install from npm, and I highly suggest skimming through the docs.

Why do we need .npmrc file?

Whenever you are working locally in a project, the config values for that specific project is set by a . npmrc file in the root of the project(ie, a sibling of node_modules and the package. json). It should be noted that this only applies to the root of the project that you are running npm in.

What is resolutions in package json?

resolutions is simply a map of package names and the exact versions of those packages that should be kept in the dependency tree, i.e. the above configuration will remove all versions of webpack that are not 5.6.

What is yarn init?

The yarn init command is a command used to create or update a package. json file interactively. yarn init. when you run this command from the terminal, it will walk you through an interactive session to create a package.

What is devDependencies in package json?

devDependencies: This property contains the names and versions of the node modules which are required only for development purposes like ESLint, JEST, babel etc. … Any of the above command will add the package name and its version to dependencies section of package. json.

Can I edit package json?

You can add dependencies to a package. json file from the command line or by manually editing the package.

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