How do I check Microsoft OLE DB driver for SQL Server?

How can I tell if OLE DB driver is installed SQL Server?

Right-click on the file, nzoledb. dll, and select Properties. The version number is displayed either in the Product Version field on the Details tab or under the Version tab, depending on your OS.

How do I know which OLE DB provider is installed?

To find the guid, open regedit and search the registry for the provider name. For example, search for “Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider”. When you find it, copy the key (the GUID value) and use that in a registry search in your application.

Where is Microsoft OLE DB driver for SQL Server installed?

The OLE DB Driver for SQL Server files (msoledbsql. dll, msoledbsqlr. rll) are installed in %SYSTEMROOT%system32 .

What is OLE DB driver for SQL Server?

The OLE DB Driver for SQL Server is a stand-alone data access application programming interface (API), used for OLE DB. OLE DB Driver for SQL Server is available on Windows and delivers the SQL OLE DB driver in one dynamic-link library (DLL).

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How do I know if OLEDB 12 drivers are installed?

Navigate to Start, and enter C:WindowsSystem32odbcad32.exe into the Search programs and files field. When the ODBC Administrator opens, click the Drivers tab and look for Microsoft Excel Driver or Microsoft Access Driver. If these drivers are present, this confirms the existence of 64-bit ACE components.

How do I find Oracle OLEDB driver version in Windows?

A simpler approach would be this navigate to your ORACE_HOMEbin directory and locate file OraOLEDB??. dll . Check version with right-hand mouse click -> Properties -> Details.

What is Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers?

Introduction. The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Jet and the Microsoft Access ODBC driver (Jet ODBC driver) provide an interface to Microsoft Office Access databases. The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet and the Jet ODBC driver are available in 32-bit versions only.

How do I find my Microsoft Access database engine version?

To check whether the 32-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine drivers are installed, go to C:WindowsSysWOW64odbcad32.exe. If on a 32-bit machine, go to C:WindowsSystem32odbcad32.exe to access the utility.

What is the difference between OLEDB and SQL connection?

“The advantage of using OleDbConnection is flexibility. You can change your database (for instance, move to Oracle)and not have to change your code. The advantage of SqlConnection is performance. The SqlConnection is tuned specifically for accessing Sql Server.

How do I uninstall Microsoft OLE DB driver for SQL Server?


  1. Click Control Panel, click Programs, and then click Programs and Features. …
  2. In the Name list, double click Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 Version 5.0. …
  3. Click Next to get started.
  4. On the Program Maintenance dialog, click Remove.
  5. On the Remove the Program dialog, click Remove.
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How do I register my OLE DB provider?

Register the OLE DB provider

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Change to the directory where the OLE DB provider is installed.
  3. Enter the following commands to register the provider: regsvr32 dboledb12.dll regsvr32 dboledba12.dll.
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