Your question: How does the min function work in SQL?

The MIN() function returns the smallest value of the selected column. The MAX() function returns the largest value of the selected column.

What is the purpose of MIN function in SQL Server?

The aggregate function SQL MIN() is used to find the minimum value or lowest value of a column or expression. This function is useful to determine the smallest of all selected values of a column.

How do you find min and max in SQL query?

SQL MIN() and MAX()

  1. SQL MIN() Functions. The MIN() function provides the smallest value of the chosen column. MIN() Syntax – SELECT MIN(column_name) FROM table_name WHERE condition;
  2. SQL MAX() Functions. The MAX() function provides the largest value of the chosen column.

How do I SELECT a row with minimum value in SQL?

To select data where a field has min value, you can use aggregate function min(). The syntax is as follows. SELECT *FROM yourTableName WHERE yourColumnName=(SELECT MIN(yourColumnName) FROM yourTableName);

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How do you use the MIN aggregate function?

Returns the smallest value of an expression over a group of rows. The return value has the same type as the expression data type. The MIN analytic function differs from the aggregate function, in that it returns the minimum value of an expression over a group of rows within a window.

Does MIN function work on dates?

3 Answers. MIN is an aggregate function so it will return 1 record in your question’s case. Since the two records have the same date and timestamp it doesn’t matter which date and timestamp are returned (they’re the same).

How do you find the minimum in SQL?

To find the minimum value of a column, use the MIN() aggregate function; it takes as its argument the name of the column for which you want to find the minimum value. If you have not specified any other columns in the SELECT clause, the minimum will be calculated for all records in the table.

Can we use MIN function in WHERE clause?

You can use the MIN() function is a variety of ways. One of the ways, is using it inside a WHERE clause.

How do I get the minimum of two columns in SQL?

you can find a row-wise minimum like this: SELECT C1, C2, C3, ( SELECT MIN(C) FROM (VALUES (C1), (C2), (C3) AS v (C) ) AS MinC FROM T ; Basically you are arranging the values of C1 , C2 , C3 as a column and are applying a normal (column-wise) aggregate function to it to find the minimum.

What is the criteria to return minimum value?

To return the max or min value with one criterion, the MAX function will do you a favor.

  1. Enter this formula: =MAX((A2:A13=D2)*B2:B13) into a specific cell you want, see screenshot:
  2. Then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys together to get the max value of KTE, see screenshot:
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What is the minimum number of columns in a database table?

The correct answer is 1. The minimum number of columns that a table in MS Word can have is 1.

Is Min an aggregate function in SQL?

An aggregate function performs a calculation one or more values and returns a single value.

SQL Server Aggregate Functions.

Aggregate function Description
MIN The MIN() aggregate function returns the lowest value (minimum) in a set of non-NULL values.

What is min date SQL?

The minimum valid date for a SqlDateTime structure is January 1, 1753.

Why is SQL min date 1753?

The decision to use 1st January 1753 ( 1753-01-01 ) as the minimum date value for a datetime in SQL Server goes back to its Sybase origins. The significance of the date itself though can be attributed to this man. Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield.