What is the recommended PHP version?

It took a while, but the official WordPress.org requirements now recommend a host running PHP version 7.4 or greater.

Which version of PHP is best?

PHP 8.0 is the undisputed champion here. PHP 8.0 can handle 34.83% more requests per second than PHP 5.6 on Joomla!

Is PHP 7.4 stable?

PHP 7.4 is the latest stable version of PHP. It was released on November 28, 2019 and it’s the last version before PHP 8. It brings lots of new features, syntax additions and fixes.

Is PHP 7.4 end of life?

Going from PHP version 5.6 to PHP version 7.4 was a significant move, and buys Littleton Coin more time (PHP version 7.4 is supported until November 28, 2022, according to the official PHP support grid.)

Is PHP 7.2 outdated?

In autumn 2017, version PHP 7.2 was introduced as the successor to PHP 7.1. … On November 30, 2020, this version will reach its official end-of-life (EOL)date and will no longer be supported.

Is PHP 5 faster than 7?

PHP 7 is an improved version of PHP 5 that provides faster performance while using less storage. PHP5 coding is much simpler than traditional coding, and PHP 7 provides developers with a simple coding system. The upgraded PHP7 engine is regarded as a next-generation design.

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Should I upgrade to PHP 8?

Should I upgrade to PHP 8 ? A: PHP 8 provides improved code execution performance and will expand and improve over time. Better comparisons will get rid of frequent bugs and unexpected behaviors that often plague PHP developers. Resulting Increased Speed and optimized performance.

Is PHP 7.4 more secure?

PHP is constantly releasing updated versions that bring with them better security and improved performance. The latest release is PHP 7.4, which is the last version update before the launch of PHP 8.

Will upgrading PHP break my site?

There are very little chances of a PHP update breaking your WordPress site. However, with the abundance of free and paid plugins, a single line of poor code can result into an error. The first thing you need to do is make sure that it is not a plugin or theme causing this error.

Is PHP 7.3 still supported?

Official PHP team support for PHP 7.3 ends on 2021 December 06. PHP 7.3 will no longer receive security fixes from the official PHP development team after 2021 December 06.

Is PHP 5.4 still supported?

These PHP versions are very outdated and no longer receive security updates from the developers of PHP. Existing servers will continue to support PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5. There will be no changes to any existing servers or apps. All apps using PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5 will continue to work exactly as they do now.

What is the newest version of PHP?

W3Techs reports that, as of January 2022, “PHP is used by 78.1% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know.” PHP version 7.4 is the most used version.


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First appeared June 8, 1995
Stable release 8.1.1 / 17 December 2021
Preview release 8.1.0 Beta 1 / 22 July 2021
Major implementations

Is PHP 5 a security risk?

At the end of 2018, PHP will stop security updates and support for some of its previous versions. This will expose hundreds of millions of websites to serious risk in terms of sites hacked, user details stolen, and massive fines.

Is PHP 5.6 insecure?

No. The developers of PHP are no longer supporting PHP 5.6. There will not be any more security updates to PHP 5.6, there will not be any more bug fixes to PHP 5.6. You should not use PHP 5.6 (or any version of PHP 5) in a production environment.

Is PHP 7.2 secure?

PHP 7.2 goes end of life (EOL) on the 30th November 2020 meaning known security flaws will no longer be fixed and sites are exposed to significant security vulnerabilities. It is important to update them to a newer version. We would recommend updating to either: 7.3 supported until 06 December 2021.

How long is PHP 7.3 supported?

Published date: August 24, 2021

Because PHP 7.3 extended support on Linux and Windows will end on 6 December 2021, any applications hosted on Azure App Service that are still using it will not be supported after 6 December 2021.