Quick Answer: How can I find the last inserted record in MySQL?

For any last inserted record will be get through mysql_insert_id() If your table contain any AUTO_INCREMENT column it will return that Value.

How do I get the last inserted record in SQL?

Determine Last Inserted Record in SQL Server

  1. SELECT @@IDENTITY. It returns the last IDENTITY value produced on a connection, regardless of the table that produced the value and of the scope of the statement that produced the value. …

Which of the following is used to fetch the last inserted record of the table?

PHP allows you to get the ID of the record inserted last. This process helps you track the number of records you currently have in a table. One of the most common ways to get MySQL last insert ID is using the mysql_insert_id() statement.

How can I get last inserted record in MySQL using PHP?

$mysqli->connect_error); } // Attempt insert query execution $sql = “INSERT INTO persons (first_name, last_name, email) VALUES (‘Ron’, ‘Weasley’, ‘ronweasley@mail.com’)”; if($mysqli->query($sql) === true){ // Obtain last inserted id $last_id = $mysqli->insert_id; echo “Records inserted successfully.

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How can I get last 10 inserted record in SQL Server?

The following is the syntax to get the last 10 records from the table. Here, we have used LIMIT clause. SELECT * FROM ( SELECT * FROM yourTableName ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 10 )Var1 ORDER BY id ASC; Let us now implement the above query.

How do I find the last recorded cursor in SQL Server?

Two ways. Compare Row_Number() to @@CURSOR_ROWS. Or even easier, simply run your loop normally, then when done strip off the extraneous trailing comma at the end of your loop, e.g. You could use a type of cursor which makes an accurate record count available via @@CURSOR_ROWS.

How do I find the last inserted ID in a database?

How to get last inserted id of a MySQL table using LAST_INSERT_ID() We will be using the LAST_INSERT_ID() function to get the last inserted id. Last_insert_id() MySQL function returns the BIG UNSIGNED value for an insert statement on an auto_increment column.

How can I get last insert ID in PDO?

You can use PDO::lastInsertId() . lastInsertId() only work after the INSERT query.

How can I get my last ID?

There is the various approach of selecting the last insert id from MySQL table.

  1. Select a single row from the table in descending order and store the id.
  2. Select Maximum value.
  3. The following query gives you the next AUTO_INCREMENT value from the selected table which you can use to get the last id.

How do I get last 3 records in SQL?

SELECT * FROM (select * from suppliers ORDER BY supplier_name DESC) suppliers2 WHERE rownum <= 3 ORDER BY rownum DESC; Notice that although you want the last 3 records sorted by supplier_name in ascending order, you actually sort the supplier_name in descending order in this solution.

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How can I find the last insert time of a table in SQL Server?

If a user wants to find out when was the last table updated he can query dynamic management view (DMV) – sys. dm_db_index_usage_stats and easily figure out when was the table updated last.