Is PHP compiler or interpreter?

10 Answers. PHP is an interpreted language. The binary that lets you interpret PHP is compiled, but what you write is interpreted. He means the utility called php (or on windows php.exe) is compiled.

Does PHP require compiler?

Php is an interpreted language and does not compile. Edit: if you use some kind of cache (like opcache) then the interpreted code is stored as a cache and executed with each request without being interpreted again and again. This gives performance boost. The cache is invalidated when any change is made in the php file.

What is PHP compiler interpreter?

PHP is an interpreted language. … The Zend Engine internally compiles the PHP scripts into Zend opcodes or instruction machine code. The Zend Engine is also the runtime engine, and it runs the compiled code. Compiling PHP scripts is transparent to the user, and the user does not directly perform any compilation.

Is PHP runtime or compile time?

PHP is an interpreted language, not compiled.

How does PHP interpreter work?

PHP is an interpreted language. This means that you will write code statements (lines of code) and when a page is requested, the PHP interpreter will load your PHP code, parse it and then execute it. This differs from other languages, such as Java or C#, where the source code is compiled and then executed.

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What is compiler and interpreter?

Compliers and interpreters are programs that help convert the high level language (Source Code) into machine codes to be understood by the computers. … Compiler scans the entire program and translates the whole of it into machine code at once. An interpreter takes very less time to analyze the source code.

Is Perl compiled or interpreted?

Perl is commonly known as an interpreted language, but this is not strictly true. Since the interpreter actually does convert the program into byte code before executing it, it is sometimes called an interpreter/compiler, if anything at all.

Is JavaScript compiled or interpreted?

JavaScript is an interpreted language, not a compiled language. A program such as C++ or Java needs to be compiled before it is run. … More modern browsers use a technology known as Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation, which compiles JavaScript to executable bytecode just as it is about to run.

Is PHP platform independent?

PHP Is Platform Independent

It works perfectly well with most platforms like Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows, which helps save time, effort and cost.

How does an interpreter work?

An interpreter is also a translator, just like a compiler, in that it takes a high level language (our source text) and converts it into machine code. However, it does something slightly different: it actually runs and executes the code that it translates immediately (inline) as it translates.

Is go compiled or interpreted?

Go is a compiled language. This means we must run our source code files through a compiler, which reads source code and generates a binary, or executable, file that is used to run the program. Examples of other popular compiled languages include C, C++, and Swift.

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Which are interpreted languages?

Interpreted languages were once significantly slower than compiled languages. But, with the development of just-in-time compilation, that gap is shrinking. Examples of common interpreted languages are PHP, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript.

Can PHP be compiled?

The short answer is “no”. The current implementation of PHP is that of an interpreted language.

Can PHP be embedded in HTML?

When you embed PHP code in an HTML file, you need to use the . php file extension for that file, so that your web server knows to send the file to PHP for processing. … When you have PHP code embedded in an HTML page, you can think of that page as a PHP program.

Are web browsers interpreters or compilers?

Interpreter is a code-translator having source-code as input, and produce runnable-code in memory. Compiler is a code-translator having source-code as input, and produce intermediate-code in disk. So, no; any web browser is no compiler.