What is the use of ResultSetMetaData in Java?

ResultSetMetaData is also one of the frequently used interface in the JDBC API. This interface provides quick overview about a ResultSet object like number of columns, column name, data type of a column etc. You often need this info about a ResultSet object before processing the actual data of a ResultSet.

What is the use of ResultSetMetaData interface Mcq?

ResultSetMetaData interface is useful to provides methods to get metadata from ResultSet object – Core Java. Q. ResultSetMetaData interface is useful because it provides methods to get metadata from the ResultSet object.

What is ResultSetMetaData How can we use this in JDBC application?

The ResultSetMetaData provides information about the obtained ResultSet object like, the number of columns, names of the columns, datatypes of the columns, name of the table etc… Following are some methods of ResultSetMetaData class. Retrieves the number of columns in the current ResultSet object.

Why do we use ResultSet in Java?

A ResultSet is a Java object that contains the results of executing an SQL query. In other words, it contains the rows that satisfy the conditions of the query. The data stored in a ResultSet object is retrieved through a set of get methods that allows access to the various columns of the current row.

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What is metadata in Java with example?

Metadata in Java defined as the data about the data is called “Metadata”. Metadata is also said to be documentation about the information which is required by the users. … Real Time Examples: A library catalog, the table of content, data item about person data (person weight, a person walking, etc.), etc.

What is the use of ResultSetMetaData interface?

Interface ResultSetMetaData. An object that can be used to get information about the types and properties of the columns in a ResultSet object.

Which of the following syntax is used to get ResultSetMetaData object?

How to get the object of ResultSetMetaData: The getMetaData() method of ResultSet interface returns the object of ResultSetMetaData. Syntax: public ResultSetMetaData getMetaData()throws SQLException.

What is database metadata in Java?

DatabaseMetaData interface provides methods to get meta data of a database such as database product name, database product version, driver name, name of total number of tables, name of total number of views etc.

How can I use JDBC to create a database Mcq?

Explanation: To create a database connection in Java, we must follow the sequence given below:

  1. Import JDBC packages.
  2. Load and register the JDBC driver.
  3. Open a connection to the database.
  4. Create a statement object to perform a query.
  5. Execute the statement object and return a query resultset.
  6. Process the resultset.

Which interface gives details about table ResultSetMetaData callable statement prepared statement query?

ResultSetMetaData: The ResultSetMetaData interface object contains the details about the data(table) such as number of columns, name of the column, column type etc. The getMetaData() method of ResultSet returns the ResultSetMetaData object.

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