Can we use for loop in SQL query?

There is no FOR in SQL, But you can use WHILE or GOTO to achieve the way how the FOR will work. I always prefer WHILE over GOTO statement. For loop is not officially supported yet by SQL server.

How does for loop work in SQL?

PL/SQL – FOR LOOP Statement

  1. The initial step is executed first, and only once. …
  2. Next, the condition, i.e., initial_value .. …
  3. After the body of the for loop executes, the value of the counter variable is increased or decreased.
  4. The condition is now evaluated again.

How do you select a loop in SQL query?

SQL While loop syntax

The while loop in SQL begins with the WHILE keyword followed by the condition which returns a Boolean value i.e. True or False. The body of the while loop keeps executing unless the condition returns false. The body of a while loop in SQL starts with a BEGIN block and ends with an END block.

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What are 3 types of loops in SQL?

Controlling Loop Iterations: LOOP and EXIT Statements. LOOP statements execute a sequence of statements multiple times. There are three forms of LOOP statements: LOOP , WHILE-LOOP , and FOR-LOOP . For a description of the syntax of the LOOP statement, see “LOOP Statements”.

How do you write a loop in SQL Server?

The syntax for the While Loop in SQL Server (T-SQL) is, WHILE <Boolean_Expression> BEGIN.

For example,

  1. DECLARE @numValue INT = 0.
  2. WHILE @numValue < 5.
  3. BEGIN.
  4. SET @numValue = @numValue + 1.
  5. PRINT ‘Inside WHILE LOOP ‘ + CAST(@numValue AS VARCHAR) + ‘ !! ‘
  6. END.
  7. PRINT ‘WHILE LOOP End !! ‘

How do you write a loop in MySQL query?

The MySQL LOOP statement could be used to run a block of code or set of statements, again and again, depends on the condition.

  1. Syntax : [labelname:] LOOP statements END LOOP [labelname]
  2. Parameters – …
  3. Example-1 : …
  4. Output – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Can we use FOR LOOP in Oracle?

In Oracle, the FOR LOOP allows you to execute code repeatedly for a fixed number of times.

Can select be used as a loop?

A select loop can be used to read a table and process its rows individually. When a program needs to read a table without issuing any other database statements during the retrieval (such as for report generation), use a select loop.

How do I number a row in SQL?

If you’d like to number each row in a result set, SQL provides the ROW_NUMBER() function. This function is used in a SELECT clause with other columns. After the ROW_NUMBER() clause, we call the OVER() function.


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row name code
4 desk 766
5 sofa 202
6 table 235

How do you loop through a result set in SQL?

Set the Result Name to 0 and for the Variable Name, select objProductList. This variable will hold the results returned by the query. Click OK to close the editor. Next, add a ForEach Loop container and connect the Execute SQL task to it.

How many loops are there in SQL?

PL/SQL provides four kinds of loop statements: basic loop, WHILE loop, FOR loop, and cursor FOR loop.

What are the difference between for loop and WHILE loop?

For loop vs While loop

The difference between for loop and while loop is that in for loop the number of iterations to be done is already known and is used to obtain a certain result whereas in while loop the command runs until a certain condition is reached and the statement is proved to be false.

What are Oracle loops?

The LOOP statement executes the statements in its body and returns control to the top of the loop. Typically, the body of the loop contains at least one EXIT or EXIT WHEN statement for terminating the loop. Otherwise, the loop becomes an infinite loop.

How do you loop through an array in SQL Server?


  2. GO.
  4. — Declare your array table variable.
  5. DECLARE @MYARRAY table (TEMPCOL nvarchar(50), ARRAYINDEX int identity(1,1) )
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