What is the code for backslash in PHP?

In particular, if you want to match a backslash, you write “\”. Note: Single and double quoted PHP strings have special meaning of backslash. Thus if has to be matched with a regular expression \, then “\\” or ‘\\’ must be used in PHP code.

How do I add a backward slash in PHP?

PHP: addslashes() function

The addslashes() function is used to add backslashes in front of the characters that need to be quoted. The predefined characters are single quote (‘), double quote(“), backslash() and NULL (the NULL byte). The specified string.

How do you write backslash in code?

If you want to include a backslash character itself, you need two backslashes or use the @ verbatim string: var s = “\Tasks”; // or var s = @”Tasks”; Read the MSDN documentation/C# Specification which discusses the characters that are escaped using the backslash character and the use of the verbatim string literal.

How do I escape the backslash in PHP?

You can achieve the same effect in double-quoted strings by using the escape character, which, in PHP, is a backslash .

Escape sequences.

Print the next character as a double quote, not a string closer
\ Print the next character as a backslash, not an escape character

What does r mean in PHP?

r is a Carriage Return n is a Line Feed (or new line). On Windows systems these together make a newline (i.e. every time you press the enter button your fix will get a rn ). In PHP if you open a Windows style text file you will get rn at the end of paragraphs / lines were you’ve hit enter.

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What is Htmlspecialchars?

The htmlspecialchars() function converts special characters into HTML entities. It is the in-built function of PHP, which converts all pre-defined characters to the HTML entities.

What is Escape character PHP?

Widely used Escape Sequences in PHP

‘ – To escape ‘ within single quoted string. ” – To escape “ within double quoted string. \ – To escape the backslash. $ – To escape $. n – To add line breaks between string.

What is backslash in HTML?

‘/’ is not a backslash. It is a (forward) slash. Backslash (”) in HTML is represented by \ & (forward) slash (‘/’) by / – Vivek. Sep 1 ’15 at 11:05.

How do I enable backslash in regex?

The backslash suppresses the special meaning of the character it precedes, and turns it into an ordinary character. To insert a backslash into your regular expression pattern, use a double backslash (‘\’).

How do you do a backslash in HTML?


  1. UNICODE. U+0005C.
  2. HEX CODE. \
  3. HTML CODE. \
  5. CSS CODE. 05C. <span>&#92;</span> content: “