How do I rename a SQL Server 2016 instance?

AFAIK, there’s no way to rename a SQL Server instance. You either have to re-install, or install a new instance with the desired name. Once that’s done, you could move your user DB’s over.

Can you rename SQL Server instance?

You can change the name of SQL Server instance on secondary server in log shipping if the primary server is permanently lost. If you have linked server configurations then it will be affected by the computer renaming operation.

How do I rename an instance of a database?

To rename a DB instance

In the navigation pane, choose Databases. Choose the DB instance that you want to rename. Choose Modify. In Settings, enter a new name for DB instance identifier.

How do I find SQL Server instance name 2016?

Identify the SQL Server instance name

  1. Open a command prompt window.
  2. Execute: services.msc.
  3. Scroll down to entries beginning with SQL.
  4. Locate an entry for each installed named SQL Server (instancename) . The value in parenthesis is the instance name.

How do I rename a SQL Server name?

To change the name of a server

  1. In Registered Servers, expand Database Engine and then Local Server Groups.
  2. Right-click a server and select Properties to open the Edit Server Registration Properties dialog window.
  3. In the Registered server name text box, type the new name for the server registration, and then click Save.
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How do I rename a SQL Server server?

Restart SQL Services. Verify the new name using: SELECT @@SERVERNAME. SELECT * FROM sys.

I must point out that you should not perform rename if you are using:

  1. SQL Server is clustered.
  2. Using replication.
  3. Reporting Service is installed.

How do I rename an EC2 instance?

You can rename an EC2 instance by editing the “Name” tag on your EC2 instance. If a Name tag does not exist and your EC2 is currently nameless, you can just create a new tag with key “Name”.

What is my SQL Server instance name?

Go to Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Configuration Tools. Locate the running MS SQL Server instance name (circled below in red). This is what you’ll need to enter in the record.

What is server name and instance name?

Server name is your machine name; instance name is the same with server name when sql server is installed as a default instance and has got “computer_nameinstance_name” name when sql has been installed as a named instance.

What is the default instance name for SQL Server 2016?

The default instance actually has an instance name. It’s MSSQLSERVER.

How do you rename a server?

Step 2: Changing the hostname

Click on the magnifier in the down left corner and search for This PC . Then using your right mouse click, click on Properties . Next to Computer name click on Change settings . Click on the Change button next to To rename the computer or change its domain or workgroup, click Change .

How can I change my server name?

To change your server’s host name:

  1. Log in to Server Administration Panel.
  2. Go to Tools & Settings > Server Settings.
  3. Enter the new host name in the Full hostname field. This should be a fully qualified host name, but without an ending dot (for example, ).
  4. Click OK.
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