How do I find the first occurrence in SQL?

How do I select first occurrence in SQL?

Select using the TOP clause.

A few different ways:

  1. SELECT DISTINCT <dup rows> … ; – this will fetch a single row for each set of values.
  2. SELECT … GROUP BY <all the columns selected>; – effectively same as SELECT DISTINCT.
  3. SELECT <dup rows> LIMIT 1; (or however your DB engine implements LIMIT functionality).

How do I get the first occurrence of a string in SQL?

We use the SQL CHARINDEX function to find the position of a substring or expression in a given string. We might have a character in different positions of a string. SQL CHARINDEX returns the first position and ignores the rest of matching character positions in a string.

Is there a first function in SQL?

The FIRST() function returns the first value of the selected column.

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How do I find the oldest in SQL?

Oldest or Most Recent records relative to another field

  1. SELECT user_id, MAX(created_at) FROM orders GROUP BY user_id.
  2. SELECT users. username, latest_orders. …
  3. SELECT orders. …
  4. SELECT holding_value_stamps. …
  5. SELECT holding_value_stamps1. …
  6. HoldingValueStamp.

How do you get the first occurrence of a record from a table in Oracle?

If what you want is just one row, you can say “SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE ROWNUM = 1”, and you are somewhat likely to get the first row Oracle sees in the physical file the table is in.

How do I SELECT a single record in SQL?

To return only the first row that matches your SELECT query, you need to add the LIMIT clause to your SELECT statement. The LIMIT clause is used to control the number of rows returned by your query. When you add LIMIT 1 to the SELECT statement, then only one row will be returned.

How do I display the first 3 characters in SQL?

SELECT LEN(column_name) FROM table_name; And you can use SUBSTRING or SUBSTR() function go get first three characters of a column.

How do I find the difference between two dates in SQL query?

To find the difference between dates, use the DATEDIFF(datepart, startdate, enddate) function. The datepart argument defines the part of the date/datetime in which you’d like to express the difference. Its value can be year , quarter , month , day , minute , etc.

How do you find the occurrence of a character in a string in SQL?

SQL Server: Count Number of Occurrences of a Character or Word in a String

  1. DECLARE @tosearch VARCHAR(MAX)=’In’
  2. SELECT (DATALENGTH(@string)-DATALENGTH(REPLACE(@string,@tosearch,”)))/DATALENGTH(@tosearch)
  3. AS OccurrenceCount.
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How do I get the first value in a column in SQL?

The SQL first() function is used to return the first value of the selected column.

Let’s see the syntax of sql select first() function:

  2. After that query, you will find the result:

How do I get the first and last record in SQL?

To get the first and last record, use UNION. LIMIT is also used to get the number of records you want.

How do I get the first record in MySQL?

3 Answers

  1. To get the first row use LIMIT 1 .
  2. To get the 2nd row you can use limit with an offset: LIMIT 1, 1 .
  3. To get the last row invert the order (change ASC to DESC or vice versa) then use LIMIT 1 .

How do I get the first row in SQL?


  1. SQL Server / MS Access Syntax: SELECT TOP number|percent column_name(s) FROM table_name. …
  2. MySQL Syntax: SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name. …
  3. Oracle 12 Syntax: SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name. …
  4. Older Oracle Syntax: SELECT column_name(s) …
  5. Older Oracle Syntax (with ORDER BY): SELECT *

How do I query most recent date in SQL?

1 Answer

  1. select t.username,, t.value.
  2. from MyTable t.
  3. inner join (
  4. select username, max(date) as MaxDate.
  5. from MyTable.
  6. group by username.
  7. ) tm on t.username = tm.username and = tm.MaxDate.

How do I query the latest date in SQL?

Here is the syntax that we can use to get the latest date records in SQL Server. Select column_name, .. From table_name Order By date_column Desc; Now, let’s use the given syntax to select the last 10 records from our sample table.

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