Best answer: What is JavaScript void function?

Introduction to Javascript void. Void means completely empty. In JavaScript, the void is an operator, which is used when the function is not return anything. … So, the function always returns something. In some situations we do not need to return anything so, we must specify void operator in front of the function.

What does JavaScript void 0 ); do?

javascript: void(0); is used as a placeholder URL to indicate that an onclick event is tied to the link to do the actual action. If JavaScript is blocked for some reason then this javascript: void(0); link comes into view.

How do I fix JavaScript void?

How can I fix javascript:void(0) errors?

  1. Make sure Java is properly installed.
  2. Enable Java.
  3. Reload the webpage.
  4. Remove cookies.
  5. Clear the cache.

What can I use instead of JavaScript void 0?

There’s no real alternative to `javascript:void 0`. If you need to have a link that absolutely will not do anything, even under noscript, it’s the only solution. Using `href=”#”` is not an alternative, because it messes with the user’s navigation history. A link that has a noop href should not be a link.

How do I stop JavaScript void 0?

But you most likely don’t desire this to happen if you have hooked up some JavaScript thereto link. To prevent the page from refreshing, you could use void(0). Using “#” in anchor tag: When writing the following code in the editor, the web page is refreshed after the alert message is shown.

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What does run script void mean?

See, most browsers allow you to run scripts by entering it into the URL bar. With “void (0)”, you can do this without having to switch pages – it effectively cancels out the page load. … That means that when the browser attempts to load a new page it sees null and has nothing to load.”

Should I use JavaScript void 0?

One of the most common debates about it is if one should use href=”” , href=”#” or href=”javascript:void(0)” . Generally, you want to avoid href=”javascript:void(0)” , as it will cause the browser to parse the value of the link URL, which is both costly and unnecessary.

How can use JavaScript void 0 in Angularjs?

Here is a sample code of how the javascript:void(0) can work;,So if you are going to use the <a hreft= ‘#’> instead of <a hreft= ‘javascript:void(0);’ to prevent its default behavior of scrolling to the top of the page, or wherever it is that the ‘#’ is pointing to, then it is paramount to use return false on the …

How do I unblock JavaScript in chrome?

Enable JavaScript in Chrome

  1. Click the “Customize and Control” button. …
  2. Select the “Settings” menu item. …
  3. Search for the JavaScript settings. …
  4. Find and click the JavaScript settings item. …
  5. Change the JavaScript setting. …
  6. JavaScript is now enabled.