Do you need expert opinion on S/4 HANA migration path or create a road map to reach your end goals?
Are you challenged with deciding on when, where and how to start the S/4 HANA journey?

Are you at the crossroads of choosing between staying the course with SAP ECC 6, migrating to the next generation of SAP Business Suite S/4 HANA, or taking a multi-phased approach of first migrating just your database to HANA and then migrate to a completely new business suite S/4 HANA?

In addition to choosing the right system or database, are you challenged to find answers to the typical questions like:

  • Which S/4 HANA version to choose?
  • Which S/4 HANA deployment option (On-premise, Cloud, or hybrid) to choose?
  • How does the overall future landscape and system architecture look like or make sense to my Organization?

Yes, choosing the right option at the right time that fits your business needs can be challenging and sometimes daunting. R3D understands very well all the dilemmas that many world wide organizations are facing. With our 20+ years of SAP experience, we will guide you and ensure you choose the right solution that fits your business needs using our proven and comprehensive SAP S/4 HANA Assessment service offering.

R3D’s S/4 HANA Assessment service includes powerful tool sets, methods and a proven approach that covers the entire gamut of IT – business processes, system architecture, user interface and human interaction.

R3D's approach to S/4 HANA assessment

R3D’s Assessment approach is unique and proven across multiple industries. We analyze various factors such as:

  • Current IT landscape and infrastructure
  • Business processes
  • Business requirements, short term, and long-term goals
  • Organizational vision and its alignment across different lines of businesses & divisions
  • Amount of data stored and used in different systems
  • Current IT governance.

After a detailed analysis, we will carve out a specific road map and plan to achieve the end vision.   This plan will include:

  • When and how to move to S/4 HANA
  • Which deployment option is appropriate (on premise, cloud or hybrid)
  • How to build and port to a future system landscape
  • How to implement simplified business processes with minimal risk of disruption to existing operations and services to customers
  • How to maintain and improve the implemented S/4 HANA solution to cater to ever changing business demands

R3D experts are certified in S/4 HANA.